Basketball Fitness Exercises For beginner basketballers

Most beginner basketballers may find it conscious to hit the ground and may not play the game as they don’t know the ethics of basketball. Some basketballers have even complained of pain and uneasiness due to a lack of proper exercise.

Weakness and pain are a sign of the body being inflexible and not prepared to play basketball. The sudden movements in the body may sometimes cause cramps too.

If you are a beginner in basketball then you have landed on the right page as we have some best basketball training programs that will further help you to be a pro slowly. On average to share with you, players usually swing about 100 times, and that too from one side. This can sometimes create muscle pain and injuries due to over usage of muscles.

Basketball Fitness Exercises For beginner basketballers:

  1. Begin with the hand walks:

Hand walks are necessary to improve shoulder pain and shoulder injury. You simply need to walk your hands subtly just like how you do pushups. Keep your knees straight and make use of your toes to reach your hands.

  1. Follow the 90/90 stretch:

This exercise is followed by almost all beginners in basketball. By practicing this regularly you will be able to build good flexibility in your body and increase mobility. Check out how to do it online or watch a video tutorial for the same.

  1. Try the seating rotations:

As the name depicts, this exercise is a must if you wish to increase your rotational mobility. It is one of the core exercises that need to be practiced if you wish to learn basketball drills.

  1. Learn the medicine ball parallel throw exercise:

Another essential exercise that needs to be followed by all basketball beginners is the medicine ball parallel throw. Using the medicine ball improves your energy and helps you to build speed while drilling.

  1. Physioball pushup exercises:

Bring a physioball home and practice doing pushup exercises on the physioball. Even doing a set of 10 will help you improve your shoulder and back movements bringing more strength while playing basketball.

  1. Check out the glute bridge exercise:

Glute exercises may look little challenging initially but, when you practice these with little patience you will win in activating your muscles which will further give you the strength to play basketball.10 reps will also do just fine and you may slowly increase the intensity of the exercise.

Some more exercises to remember are the dumbbell bench press, side step-ups, lunges, cat camels, perpendicular throw with a medicine ball, lateral pillar bridge, and some more… There are fitness experts who have mentioned several ways to do it these days.

You may also join a training course if these look unfamiliar to you. We bet some are simple, to begin with. We suggest you check the video or images of all the Basketball fitness exercises for beginners and pick those that you can conveniently begin with. Once you are a pro you would know how amazing the game is to play.