Effective Basketball Drills Tips

Running basketball drills is an excellent way to improve your in-game skill set. It’s only with repeated practice that you can get better at many aspects of the mighty game of hoops. When failing to practice, it’s important to get better during a single game because it just doesn’t last long enough. You also don’t get enough time on-ball to develop new skills either. This is why drills are so important to ballers who are intent on becoming more effective on the court.

Here’s the tips:

  • Shooting for the Hoop

With form shooting, you only get better when you practice. Michael Jordan was legendary for practicing his shots. He still missed thousands of shots at the hoop over his long career, but he’s still remembered as one of the best players in history along with Larry Bird. Michael Jordan recommend for more hoop practice before going to court,Michael Jordan basketball practice tips available online

Develop muscle memory by practicing over and over until the ball feels like an extension of your hand. Practice shooting with two hands and one handed too. Try different stances as if going for a 3-pointer or taking a shot somewhere on the court with players swarming about to knock the ball out of your hand. It you can, emulate the stress of opposing players by having your team try to knock the ball from you as you take the shot. This makes the practice time more real and transferrable onto the court during a game.


  • Catching Rebounds

Catching a rebound ball to take possession and move forward toward the opposing team’s hoop is a key skill. This require practice with two or more players participating to have balls thrown forward and catch them as a rebound ball. Learning and teaching your body to twist and turn and used to moving quickly to take advantage of fumbles and forced mistakes by opposing players (or your own team too).

  • Dribble

Learning to dribble the ball across the court is a vital skill. It’s also something that is worth practicing with either hand to avoid one hand being more dominant than the other.

Focus on movement while dribbling as well as dribbling on the spot. Vary up your movement to capture what it’s truly like while moving deftly past opposing players.

Learn to dribble up and down the court. Avoid having favorite lanes to push down.

  • Passing

Don’t hog the ball. An effective player is able to read the court and know when they’re hitting a roadblock. They can see who on their team is open to a pass and when they’re in a better situation to advance closer to the hoop than they are.

Practice with two or more players to move and pass. Practice stationary passes as well. Get used to releasing the ball and passing accurately either directly to another stationary player or to where they’re going to be. Only with dedication can you become a reliable passer of the ball and know when and where it is the best time to do so.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to playing ball. There is no substitute.